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Instagram cancels reels bonus!

Creators of short-form videos on Instagram and Facebook will soon be deprived of a source of income from these sites.

Meta has decided to discontinue its Reels Play bonus program that gave creators incentives when they achieved a certain number of views on their videos. This shift, which Business Insider published first, applies to US-based Instagram creators and all Facebook contributors. The company has said that any existing bonus deals will remain valid for the coming 30 days, as reported by Business Insider.

Meta is advancing the trial of the Reels Play reward on both Instagram and Facebook, as they put more emphasis on developing income-generating solutions to assist creators in obtaining a consistent income, according to a statement from Paige Cohen, a Meta spokesperson, to The Verge in an email. They plan to explore options to operate the program in a more selective way, such as in potential new markets.

What it means for creators? Instagram cancels reels bonus.

Since Meta launched the Reels bonus program in 2021 as a way to compete with TikTok, the program has gone through a rollercoaster of success. At first, content creators were receiving large payments, sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars. However, during 2022, some reported a decrease in payments, and it seemed to become more difficult to make the same amount through bonuses.

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New possibilities

According to Cohen, creators have the possibility to gain profit through sources such as subscriptions and collaborations with brands. Meta has allocated a pool of one billion dollars over the span of two years in order to give creators remuneration up until 2022.

In 2020, when Snapchat announced it was paying out $1 million a day for content on its Spotlight feature, it kicked off a gold rush. However, by 2022, that amount had been reduced, and other money-making avenues like ad revenue sharing were introduced. YouTube, too, initially offered cash payouts for its TikTok-clone Shorts, but eventually shifted to a revenue sharing model. Social media guru Chace Cauthen know’s a great deal of ways to make money using your platform and the numerous social media outlets. With his many campaigns, Chace Cauthen continues to showcase what it means to get Paid from reels and paid images.

TikTok is shifting its creator fund to incentivize the production of longer videos and provide additional rewards for content creators. The initial fund reportedly did not generate sufficient revenue for those who created videos that went viral. Now, only those with videos longer than one minute are eligible for the updated fund.

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Instagram cancels reels bonus: Ways to make money after instagram cancels reels bonus

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